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How much does a bean bag chair cost

What Is the Best Filling for My Bean Bags

Bean bag chairs are constructed from supple, malleable materials that conform to your body. However, how much is a bean bag? They are highly adaptable, strong, and light. Your initial inquiry might be, “How much does a bean bag chair cost?” if you were looking to purchase a cozy bean bag chair.

The price is primarily affected by several elements, including quality, size, kind of material, and others. To accommodate any budget, numerous well-known bean bag firms offer their products at a variety of pricing points.

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Bean Bag Prices 

When it comes to bean bag cost, you will find a wide range of price tags. They start from less than 20$ to above 400$. The price tag depends on various factors such as quality, bean bag filler, brand, size, and type of bean bag.

The prices of bean bag chairs may vary in the offline market. Please note that the prices are as per the time of this writing.

Why do bean bags cost so much?

Many individuals search for bean bag furniture with the assumption that it would be affordable, but that isn’t always the situation. In actuality, bean bags are sometimes far more expensive than anticipated. Therefore, why ARE bean bags SO pricy?

Fabric and filling types

The pricing will be greatly influenced by the fabric and filling utilized. Bean bags can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, cotton, vinyl, corduroy, nylon, suede, velvet, and polyester (among others).

 Different textiles offer various benefits, such as being more resilient, waterproof, etc., and a few will cost more than others.

Polystyrene beads (EPS) and shredded memory foam mixtures are the filler material most frequently utilized for bean bags nowadays. Although it is relatively costly, shredded memory foam is incredibly pleasant, strong, and long-lasting.

Today, many of the most well-known bean bag producers employ this. Even though EPS beads are less expensive, they offer the advantage of being lighter and molding to the curve of the body with ease for excellent support.

Superiority = Price

Because they employ less filler, many less expensive bean bags receive negative evaluations. Insufficient filling can cause a bean bag chair to become so comfortable that you touch the floor. You need to have enough stuffing for the best level of relaxation.

Double stitching is a feature of high-quality bean bag chairs that increases their sturdiness and longevity. Additionally, it needs a liner inside the bean bag to keep the eps beads or memory foam filling so that the cover can be taken off and washed.

 Bean bag safety zippers designed specifically for children should be used to prevent kid access to the zipper. Although each of these qualities will increase the cost of a bean bag, they are all essential elements.


The price is also affected by the size. More material and stuffing are required for larger bean bag chairs. It is easy to understand why a 6-foot bean bag might be so pricey if it were filled with shredded memory foam, which can cost as much as $40 per lb at retail. 

A 6 ft bean bag could weigh as much as 80 lbs. Making your bean bag isn’t always more affordable due to the price of the filling!

Are Beans Bags Value the Price?

The use of bean bags as furniture in the house has grown in popularity. These chairs are convenient to maneuver and comfy to sit on. They may be positioned in the den, living room, or even bedroom.

They are frequently used to read books or watch TV. The majority of people choose to have this sort of chair since it is simple to adapt to the person’s body posture.

Due to their comfort and convenience in moving from one location to another or moving from room to room, bean bags have gained popularity throughout time.

Bean bags are worth their cost since they can keep you seated comfortably as you study, watch television, or simply unwind after a long day at the workplace.

When utilized properly, bean bags may add aesthetic appeal to a space at home or at work where individuals must sit for extended periods, such as at the workplace or school when working on assignments at home or work.

Last thoughts

You now have a better understanding of the cost of a bean bag chair as well as the many price-influencing aspects. A broad variety of bean bags in all sizes, forms, materials, and even with various fillings are sold by several vendors online. 

There should be a bean bag with a price that fits your demands, whether you want one for your living room or a dorm room, for reading, gaming, or just resting.

We hope that this thorough explanation of a bean bag’s price will be helpful to you. Please be aware that these items are current as of the time this blog was written but may change.

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Robert Anthony is a true bean bag chair expert. With years of experience and a deep knowledge of the ins and outs of bean bag chair design and construction, Robert is the go-to source for all things bean bag. He runs a popular blog where he shares his insights and advice on choosing the best bean bag chairs for comfort, style, and durability. Whether you're a seasoned bean bag chair fan or new to the world of bean bag seating, Robert's blog is the perfect resource for anyone looking to learn more about these comfortable and versatile seating options.

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