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How to clean a bean bag chair

how to clean a bag bean chair

The bean bag chair’s creator is considered to be a legend. Who would have imagined that a piece of cloth filled with little polyester balls could be so cozy?

It’s a given that your bean bag will be put to use a lot, whether you’re a gamer or just like to sink into this cozy, cushy chair to watch a movie. The primary issue that arises with frequent use is how to keep your bean bag chair clean.

Regardless of the material, we have you covered (just like your plush bean bag chair). Learn how to clean bean bag covers and how to keep them fresh in between cleanings by reading about them.

Can Big Joe the Bean Bag be washed?

Anyhow, occasionally you could feel that spot cleaning is insufficient. Your Big Joe bean bag might need to be completely cleaned or washed.

Therefore, you may wash the Big Joe Bean Bag Chair delicately with mild detergent if your bean bag cover is detachable. Use mild detergent instead of soap that contains bleach. Your bean bag will suffer greatly from it.

I hope you now have answers to your main inquiries.

Instructions for Cleaning a Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

It is best to first review the manufacturer’s instructions. Because the cleaning guidelines might vary depending on the type of bean bag,

To clean the Big Joe bean bag, a variety of techniques can be used. It’s crucial that you first determine how often your bean bag has to be cleaned. Do you have any clue how to recognize it? Look over the list below.

  • What sort of debris must you take out of the bean bag?
  • Strain type

How to clean a big joe bean bag

Here we discuss the 2 methods of cleaning big joe bean bag chairs.

First Method: spot-clean the Big Joe bean bag

The majority of Big Joe bean bags have permanent coverings. Therefore, it cannot be removed. It is moreover composed of waterproof and stain-resistant textiles. However, it could get spilled on your tea or coffee. After that, you must clean them.

Additionally, because of its water resistance, bean bag fabric is impervious to liquids leaking through. As a result, you do not need to worry too much about inner fillers. The best way to clean your Big Joe bean bag is by spot cleaning. Practice the steps below to achieve better outcomes.

Step 1: the spray pistol with soapy water

Make sure there is no bleach in the soap or mild detergent you use since chlorine might irritate and stain your favorite bean bag.

Step 2: Spot-clean your bean bag.

You can use soapy water to clean the area if there is dirt, strains, or any other foreign object. If not, you can spray the entire bean bag with this combination.

Step 3: Gently massage the afflicted region with a soft bristle brush.

Step 4: Use a wet dump cloth to scrub that area.

Step 5: Let your Big Joe bean bag air dry.

Avoid placing your bean bag in strong, direct sunlight. Let it dry in a cool area. The Big Joe bean bag is quite simple to clean, but there are a few straightforward procedures you must do.

Your bean bag will appear brand-new and refreshed after cleaning

Second Method: How to wash Big Joe Bean Bags with a Detachable Cover 

Some Big Joe bean bags have covers that can be taken off. To protect the beans or fillers, they have a distinct inner cover. The bean bag cover may thus be washed separately. Take these actions!

Step 1: Sweep any stray dirt from the bean bag cover.

Step 2: Remove the outer cover by opening the safety zipper.

STEP 3: Add it to the washing machine.

Step 4: Wash using a gentle cycle and a light detergent.

Use mild cycling when using a washing machine. You might consider shielding your bean bag. If you have it set too fast,

Step 5: Let the air dry.

However, occasionally you might also need to wash and clean the inner cover of the bean bag. Therefore, if your Big Joe bean bag has a liner layer, follow the directions below.

Remove the beans that are within them first. After that, place the inside cover of the bean bag in soapy water and let it soak there for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, rinse it with fresh water. You may also use a mild detergent here. Last but not least, air dry its inner cover in a shady area.

Additional Big Joe Bean Bag Chair Upkeep Advice

  1. Clean it with a vacuum if your Big Joe bean bag chair is heavily dusted. Otherwise, remove your cover and shake it.
  2. Clean up any spilled food or fluids as quickly as you can on the bean bag. Food that is left behind for a long period may leave a stain.
  3. Spray white vinegar on the bean bag to clean it and get rid of the unpleasant smell if it has child or pet poop on it.
  4. Always abide by the manufacturer’s instructions. Do only what they permitted.


However, the bean bag becomes dirty just like another item does. After that, you must clean them. But unlike washing other hardwood furniture, cleaning a bean bag is more difficult. The type of cloth and filling must be considered. Because of this, cleaning bean bags can occasionally be a hassle.

But none of these problems exist with the Big Joe bean bag. To clean it, you only need to adhere to a few basic instructions.

You should now be completely knowledgeable on how to properly clean a bean bag chair.

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Robert Anthony is a true bean bag chair expert. With years of experience and a deep knowledge of the ins and outs of bean bag chair design and construction, Robert is the go-to source for all things bean bag. He runs a popular blog where he shares his insights and advice on choosing the best bean bag chairs for comfort, style, and durability. Whether you're a seasoned bean bag chair fan or new to the world of bean bag seating, Robert's blog is the perfect resource for anyone looking to learn more about these comfortable and versatile seating options.

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