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How To Crochet a Bean Bag Chair

Crochet a Bean Bag Chair

Even if you’re a beginner, making a crochet bean bag chair is a simple job. You could design your own crochet bean bag chair using six strands of yarn and a single crochet pattern. This technique necessitates experience with the chain, slip, and single crochet stitches. 

You’ll also be required to know how to add and reduce stitches. Keep reading for learning the procedure of crocheting the bean bag chair. 

The procedure of Crocheting the bean bag chair

 Here we give you the complete guide on how to crochet the bean bag chair.

Step 1

Start by making a loop on your crochet hook and chaining it 4 times. chain sewing is made by wrapping the yarn around the hook and then drawing the yarn through into the loop on the hook. Insert a slip stitch into the first chain.

 A slip stitch is made by inserting the hook through the stitch and then wrapping the yarn around the hook. Draw the yarn through the stitch and the hook loop. Then make one chain to begin the initial round of crochet.

Step 2

Crochet 15 single crochets into the circle formed by the slip stitch. A sole crochet is made by threading the hook through a stitch and then wrapping the yarn around the hook. Draw the yarn through the stitch and then yarn around. Pull the hook through the loop.

 Join with a slip stitch into the first chain. Insert a stitch marker into each chain stitch and move it during each repeat. Counting the first chain one, you should have a total of 16 stitches.

Step 3

Place two single crochets through every single crochet from either the last round or the chain one. Slip stitch with one chain stitch. In the following round, you will insert two single crochets into one stitch and one single crochet into the next. This will be repeated till you reach the chain one stitch. 

For each round, you add 16 stitches. With each subsequent round, increase the amount of expanded single crochet stitches by one. For instance, in the following round, single-crochet two into the first stitch and then single-crochet one into the subsequent two stitches.

Step 4

Persist with rounds and increments till your bean bag chair is the appropriate size. Each round will now be equal with no increases. One single crochet will be placed into every single crochet. Keep working in the round until your piece is 16 inches tall.

Step 5

Gradually reducing the number of stitches per round. For each round, you must reduce by 16 stitches. To find out how many single crochets to insert between the decreasing single crochet stitches, count your stitches and divide by 16.

Put the hook into the stitch, yarn over, and draw through the stitch, but do not pull through the loop on the hook, to reduce. Rather than, insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over, and draw your hook through all of the loops.

Step 6

After a few diminishing rounds, fill the bean bag. Again, when the beanbag is full, keep shrinking it each round till there is just a little hole remaining. Stitch the hole shut with your yarn needle.

How To Crochet bean bag chair


Think about putting pellets or beans at the very bottom of the chair before filling it with fiberfill or foam. This will assist in weighing down the beanbag and keeping it comfy.


Consider adding pellets or beans at the very bottom of the chair before filling it with fiberfill or foam. This will help to weigh down the beanbag and make it comfortable.


Q: What is the best thing to fill a bean bag chair with?

Ans: EPS/EPP Beans: Long lasting, inexpensive, lightweight, cozy, resistant to moisture and heat – there’s a cause why so many bean bags are stuffed using EPS beans! Crushed Foam: A suitable alternative to EPS beans, or could be used in conjunction with them.

Q: Can you fill a bean bag with something else?

Ans: If you’re worried about your environmental effect, fill your bean bag with efficient and environmentally elements like cedar shavings, beans, rice, sawdust, buckwheat hulls, hay, sand, or tiny stones.

Q:  What crochet stitch is best for the bag?

Ans: Camel stitch is a thick stitch that is ideal for making stunning crochet bags. The most widely known type of camel stitch is a half-double crochet variation. My preferred variant is a single crochet variety


We hope now you will find the best procedure for crocheting the bean bag chair. Now you can easily design your bean bag chair by following the above simple steps mentioned step by step. 

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Robert Anthony is a true bean bag chair expert. With years of experience and a deep knowledge of the ins and outs of bean bag chair design and construction, Robert is the go-to source for all things bean bag. He runs a popular blog where he shares his insights and advice on choosing the best bean bag chairs for comfort, style, and durability. Whether you're a seasoned bean bag chair fan or new to the world of bean bag seating, Robert's blog is the perfect resource for anyone looking to learn more about these comfortable and versatile seating options.

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