How To Fill a Bean Bag Chair

Nothing compares to relaxing on a cozy bean bag chair. But if you’ve ever had a bean bag chair, you know they all have a shelf life. Over time, sinking into a beloved bean bag may degrade it. It won’t always be the cozy haven you long for. But it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your cherished bean bag when it starts to deteriorate.

That item is refillable and revivable whenever you want. The sole query is, “How to refill a bean bag chair?”

It may seem simple to refill a bean bag chair, but it’s tougher than you may imagine. Which filler ought you to pick? You have more alternatives than you would imagine! Don’t worry about yourself. You are capable of completing this. Continue reading to learn all the secrets that we worked hard to unearth.

Bean Bag Fill Types

EPS beads, microbeads, EPP beads, and compressed foam are the four main types of bean bag fill:

Beads in EPS

Tiny polystyrene particles known as EPS have a Styrofoam-like texture. They are also utilized as packing pillows and those low-cost throwaway coffee cups. Due to their small weight and rigidity, they are excellent for bean chairs. They are typically 3–4 mm in diameter and comprise 98% air.

 They may be used for other projects if you have any leftovers after filling your bag with them.


They are tiny pellets made of plastic made of polyethylene. Only the smaller bean bags benefit from them; the larger ones don’t. Due to their alleged threat to the environment, they have mostly been outlawed globally.

Beads EPP

The main drawback to this type of bead is that it is highly combustible. These are a kind of polymer also referred to as enlarged polypropylene. Over the water, it is more well-liked than anywhere else. They are incredibly tough, sturdy, and long-lasting. They will return to their former shape when compressed. They won’t lose volume at the same rate that the EPS beads do. 

Condensed Foam

One of the newest fill materials used for these seats is compressed foam. It resembles shredded memory foam in essence. The majority of people who own chairs with this filling are amazed by the level of comfort it offers.

How to refill your bean bag Chair

Here we give you a complete guide on How to refill bean bag chairs? You’ve chosen the bean bag material you want to work with, which is awesome! First of all, keep in mind that not all bean bags may be filled again. Therefore, let’s begin with the instructions.

 Supplies You’ll Need

  • Your preferred bean bag fill
  • Vacuum (maybe) 
  • customizable bean bag
  • trash bag

Step 1: Examine your resupply bag

You should check your fill to make sure that you received all of the stuff you requested. Your luggage will be flat and unpleasant if you don’t have enough of what you need. Return your fill if you discover a problem with it. To match it, you’ll need to learn from the manufacturer how much fill is actually included within the bag.

Step 2: Look Over Your Bean Bag Chair

This is yet another critical stage. In order to prevent the foam from escaping from the chair, check it carefully for any tears or holes. Better chairs are made of stronger materials that are less prone to rip or tear. You definitely don’t want to have to clean up tens of thousands of microscopic microbeads as a result of a chair rupture.

Step 3: Find the Zipper

Next, find the cover’s zipper and pull it out. Then, if the inside bag has a zipper, find it and open it. If you are replacing all of the foam rather than just a portion of it, pour all of the previous contents into a garbage bag. Be careful that it doesn’t pour everywhere. It is difficult to clean up.

Step 4: Complete the Chair

Particularly if you are dealing with beads rather than foam, you will need to be quite careful with this step. Here’s a great tip for the beads. Close the bean bag just enough to allow you to grip the filled bag after inserting the foam bag inside. Dump the filled bag into the inner lining with care. If at all possible, enlist the aid of a buddy to assist you.

 It will be much simpler as a result. You may simply hoover up any home vacuum cleaner to pick up spilled beads.

Step 5: Shut the zipper.

Make sure you fasten the zipper locks on some chairs before zipping them up. Others will be protected from young children by the specific patches. Close the bag after making sure all the beads or foam are inside.


That’s how you fill a bean bag chair, there you have it. Finding the beads that you are most at ease with is all that’s required; it’s not the most difficult thing in the world to accomplish. Share this with someone you know who wants to refill their chair. 

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