How To Open A Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

Let’s say you recently bought a Big Joe bean bag chair, and you just received it. However, you find it difficult to locate the zipper’s handle. Or you could discover that the zip lock entirely vanished. Fortunately, that is not the case; most likely, the zipper lock on the bean bag is made upside-down.

Although there isn’t a zipper at all, it is not a production flaw because it is standard procedure across the world to protect children and animals from harm. Whatever the situation, this comprehensive instruction will show you how to unzip the Big Joe bean bag chair at home.

How to Open a Big Joe Bean Bag Chair in Steps

To unzip your Big Joe bean bag chair at home, follow these steps:

First, locate the zipper head.

Check the zipper head before starting to unzip the Big Joe bean bag. The zip line for the bean bag normally has the zipper head at one of the ends. Once you have located the zipper, you will notice that it has a little hole or aperture in the center.

The Big Joe bean bag’s child safety zipper lock has a hole in the center that makes it simple to open. There is a problem with your chair if there isn’t an aperture or hole, which is usually never the case. If so, you should return the item.

Step 2 Obtain a Corn Cob Holder or a Paper Clip.

The Big Joe bean bag chair may be unzipped most easily using a paper clip, pull tab, or corn cob holder. A thin, sturdy wire can also be used for this. These tools are the best available for opening bean bag zippers.

The fact that these instruments only demand a minimal amount of power is another benefit. A paper clip may be used to unlock the bean bag zipper locks without exerting excessive strain. You may simply adjust the childproof zipper lock from left to right even with a little force.

Step 3: Place the tool into the center of the zipper lock.

Place the paper clip or corn cob holder into the zipper lock’s open place after having it. You may now adjust the zipper up and down after inserting it.

Please keep in mind you open the zipper from the right side else it will be difficult to unzip. You’ll never get stuck unzipping a Big Joe bean bag chair again if you use this method.

To unzip the bean bag, simply use a little force. Remove the paper clip after unzipping the bean bag. When opened, you may carry out the necessary tasks, such as replenishing the bean bag.

Afterward, when you’re ready to close it, repeat the process. You can quickly unzip and close this bean bag if you apply the proper method.

Big Joe bean bags typically do not have a handle with their zippers. However, there is enough room between the childproof zipper lock to allow the user to put any tool to open it. So, the idea is, you can unzip the bean bag using any comparable instrument.


Q: How does a locking zipper slider work?

 Ans: Interlocking zippers, as the name implies, feature flaps that “lock” in place. This implies that they will not move regardless of how other portions of the zipper are adjusted. A pin put within the zipper slider lies here between teeth, preventing displacement till the zipper tag is pulled.

Q: How do you unzip an inverted zipper?

Ans: One method is to penetrate the cloth with a safety pin and open the zipper. Another method is to latch a paper clip onto the zipper pull and pull it out.

Q: How do you unzip a zipper without a button?

Ans: To repair your snagged zipper, use a little metal key ring the size of a cent. Look for a small and long-lasting key ring. If you want a more flexible solution, a little rubber band can be used. If your zipper seems to unzip itself and get caught in the middle, a rubber band can help.

Final Verdict

That represented the entire procedure for opening a Big Joe bean bag chair. I’ve explained to you how to open your furniture item simply and safely.

If the procedures are followed precisely, anybody could complete the procedure. I believe you’ll be able to unzip your Big Joe bean bag chair by the conclusion of this instruction.

This bean bag’s child safety zipper lock is closed for the proper reasons. And if you need to open it for cleaning or refilling, you may do it effortlessly by following the instructions.

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